Alpha DIC software is an industry-recognized instrument for optical measurement and analysis of deformation, vibration, and strain of virtually any material or structure.

Alpha 3D DIC SW takes advantage of combining DIC with the use of two or more cameras, allowing to measure the 3D displacement field and surface strain field of 3D objects. Alpha DIC is ideal for testing the mechanical behavior of materials. Alpha DIC provides strain maps and visualization of the response of a component or structure under various loading conditions. It allows to verify and refine finite element analysis models of complex geometries.


Alpha DIC software is modular due to a broad selection of particular features, which means that it can serve in various configurations ranging from a lean and straightforward uni-axial optical extensometer to an advanced full-field strain mapping analysis post-processor. The Alpha DIC is intuitive and user-friendly, emphasizing the ease and simplicity of specimen preparation and system calibration, making our optical extensometers an attractive option from both technical and cost-effective testing standpoints.

Routine real-time material testing? Advanced strain post-process analysis for R&D?
Alpha DIC can do it all!

Strain mapping in the user-friendly Alpha DIC SW interface

Alpha DIC is suitable for both small-scale and large-scale measurements

Alpha offers smart features for an efficient workflow